The History Of Demonification

DEMONIFICATION was spawned in Singahell in late 1999 by Psycho Fai (Vocals/Guitars), J.Rage (Drums) and Ferox (Bass). The band was heavily influenced by great infernal bands such as Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Immortal, Ancient and Sadus, thus to pay tribute DEMONIFICATION began playing Black Thrash Metal.

2000 saw the band self released a demo tape (limited to 100 copies) entitled 'For The People'. It rapidly spread within the world wide underground through traditional DIY of mass trading and promotions via zines and collectors. During this DEMONIFICATION played their first gigs within Singahell.

DEMONIFICATION, again following the DIY ethos, self released a second demo tape in 2002 entitled 'Rehearsal Tape'. Limited to 66 copies and once again was circulated within the underground.

In 2003, J.Rage decided to quit and was replaced behind the drum kit by Dagoth (ex Abhorer). Later that year, Ravage Records (Singahell) released 'The Holocaust Continues' EP. DEMONIFICATION continued playing more gigs on that year to help promote the EP.

Shortly after, Dagoth decided to retire from playing and Didi Demonizer was Dagoth was brought in. 2004 marked a milestone for DEMONIFICATION with the self release of their first full length album 'Hell Metal'. As always DEMONIFICATION played several gigs to bring this blasphemy to the masses.

With every high note there must be a low and 2005 was a low for DEMONIFICATION as Ferox and Didi Demonizer quit suddenly. Psycho Fai made the decision to put the band on hiatus and joined the band IRONFIST as their sole guitarist. The flames of DEMONIFICATION never died and festered until 2012 when they burned anew.

As if by fate Psycho Fai met up with J.Rage in 2012 and they decided to revive DEMONIFICATION with Thoth Khalafein on bass. Later that same year, Witchhunter Productions (Thailand) and Night Art Productions (Malaysia) released the band's second album entitled 'Espionage Of His Messengers'.

2012 saw another milestone for DEMONIFCATION as they played their first gigs outside of Singapore in support of the new album.
- Batam, Indonesia, supporting HARVESTER (Singahell) at the 1st Busick Festival.
- Bangkok, Thailand, supporting TOXIC HOLOCAUST (USA) at the Sick Chainsaw Massacre Festival.
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the annual KL Thrashed Gigs.
- Then back to Singahell to play at NUNSLAUGHTER Live In Singapore.

Sadly the high notes of 2012 were again countered with lows in 2014 with J.Rage decided to retire from playing completely and Thoth Khalafein leaving to form HEREMOD.

The spirit of DEMONIFICATION was once again kept alive soley by Psycho Fai until Demonomancer (ex IMPIETY) joins the band as a session drummer. With only two demons, the band went on to record DEMONIFICATION's third album entitled 'Hell Will Be Yours' and was released only on cassette tape by Night Art Productions (Malaysia). DEMONIFICATION was unable to play any gigs to promote the album due to an insufficient line ups.

In 2017, Thoth Khalafein returned to the band and a new young drummer was unveiled namely Black Ash. DEMONIFICATION returned to the studio to record the EP 'God-Less Rehearsals 2017' which was released by Rein Ov Fire Productions (Singahell). Distribution was stricly limited to 66 copies.

To promote the EP, the band played a couple of gigs:
- Masai Johor, Malaysia, supporting Defiled (Japan).
- Then back to Singahell, still supporting Defiled (Japan).

DEMONIFICATION started 2018 riding high with the release of their fourth album 'Obey The Antichrist' which was released by Blackwinds Productions (Malaysia). Gigs to support the album are planned for later in the year.